Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Putting It Out Into the Universe

The other day during my harrowing trip to the Opry Mills Mall, I treated myself to a new pair of sneakers as a little inspiration for my training for the Country Music Half Marathon.  Seems a little silly, I know, to be rewarding myself before any running has actually occurred and there is still plenty of time for me to back out of this overzealous endeavor.  However, I feel that if I do start to waver in my determination I already have a successful guilt trip waiting in the wings if I need a little boost to get going again.  Serious training might not start until a few weeks from now because the half marathon is not until April 24th but hey, I’m gonna need all of the time I can get.  But as my mom says, I am “putting it out into the universe” that I am going to complete this half-marathon.  No turning back now!

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