Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Search of Scrubs

Tuesday morning I will start my second clinic rotation in the Children’s Hospital.  I am really excited for the fast paced environment and the range of different patients I will get to see.  And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited about the prospect of getting to wear scrubs everyday and working in close proximity to my very own McDreamy.  Obtaining these scrubs, however, made for an interesting afternoon.  The first place I attempted to go to was a uniform and equipment store right by the hospital that I chose by clicking on the first place that popped up on google.  Turns out this is not the most effective strategy.  When I plugged the address into my GPS I was lead to what looked like an abandoned warehouse in a neighborhood that would surely prompt my mother’s instruction “lock your doors and don’t make eye contact!”  Strike one.  I tried one more specialty store only to be shut down once again because they are closed on Sundays. 
Thats the thing about living in the south.  Generally, life is lived at a slower pace and this is especially evident on Sundays.  I was once told that if Tennessee is the heart of the Bible Belt, then Nashville is the buckle.  Therefore there is a church on every corner and these are the only establishments open on Sundays with the exception of gas stations….and The Opry Mills Mall.  Just typing those words makes me feel a little ill.  The Opry Mills Mall on a rainy Sunday afternoon is basically my worst nightmare.  It is filled to the brim with angsty tweens, screaming children, and pregnant teens.  It is also the kind of mall that serves as an all day destination for many, complete with glow in the dark mini golf, a giant carousal, and an IMAX movie theater.  In a way it almost reminds me of a casino where they pump the building with too much oxygen and block out all natural light so when you emerge you feel a little loopy and have no idea what time it is.  But alas, it is the home of The Scrub Shop, and therefore, my seemingly last resort in the search for my Grey’s Anatomy style scrubs.  But it was worth it because after what seemed like an eternity I emerged with a very cute pair of scrubs and only a minor migraine.

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