Friday, January 29, 2010

Let It Snow!

SNOW DAY!!!  That’s right people, the kids are out of school, snow is still falling, and the entire city of Nashville is freaking out.  Today’s snow storm has been the talk of the town for the past week with weather forecasters saying that emergency plans are in place and this time they are certain there will be significant snow fall. 
Because the weatherman was SO sure there was going to be a blizzard, my friends and I decided that last night would be a good night to go out.  Class would be canceled, we would get to sleep in, and it would be a three-day weekend.  So we all headed downtown to a wine tasting at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  The premise of the party is that you form teams of three, each team brings three bottles of the same organic red wine, two bottles are opened for blind tasting and the other is saved to be added to the stash that goes home with the team that brought the winning bottle.  And guess what?!  My friend and classmate won third place out of 800 people and took home a cart loaded up with 50 bottles of wine!  Needless to say, that snow day was going to really come in handy.  After the classy wine tasting we headed over to Paradise Park…the trailer park bar.  With thoughts of Dr. Ohde and his 8:15am anatomy lecture far from our minds we danced the night away and made friends with the locals.


As I climbed into bed at 2:00AM with my pajamas on inside out, I set my alarm for 6:30 just in case the snow didn’t show, but fully intending to hit the snooze button at least 100 times and sleep until noon.  So when I woke up and rushed to the window you can imagine my disappointment when I saw that the ground was bone dry and there was not a snowflake to be found.  Not one stinking flake!  So off to class we went, with headaches and coffee cups in tow, to learn about the mesencephalon, diencephalon, and countless other things I know absolutely nothing about.
But as the day has gone on the “snow day” has finally started and it is actually kind of legit.  My second class of the day was canceled and my roommate and I have spent the afternoon eating our weight in popcorn and watching an entire season’s worth of Project Runway.  And though I am certainly loving the unexpected day of relaxation, the reaction of the locals is completely comical.  The snow is supposed to continue through tomorrow afternoon with a projected accumulation of up to 6 inches!  This is serious snow in Nashville.  The hospital has called a Code Orange Alert for Inclement Weather and has set up a conference room full of cots for staff members who don’t want to venture into the blizzard to head home.  Oh, you silly Southerners!

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