Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Problem with Procrastination

            I am the kind of person who frets.  I fret and worry when I have a big test coming up or an argument with a friend, and I fret when I don’t have anything to fret about.  With my first big test of the semester coming up and the most important presentation of the semester looming just 8 days away, I have spent a fare amount of time this weekend worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong instead of just sitting down and studying.  I have 8 different types of aphasia to memorize along with a very complicated diagram of the brain complete with color coding and labeling of a million different sulci and gyri.  I have a stack of flashcards about 6 inches high, yet here I sit on the couch watching the Grammy’s and staring at them instead of memorizing them.  But my girl Taylor Swift is picking up awards left and right and she’s from Nashville so I’m kind of obligated to watch, right?!  Ok not the best reasoning.  Guess it’s time to head back to some itunes solo piano radio and the kitchen table which has become my permanent library ever since Friday’s big snow has turned Nashville into a ghost town.  Wish me luck!

It snowed in Nashville!!

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