Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nashville Neighborhoods

            One of the things that I love about Nashville is its lack of a real city center.  This might sound strange, and it was actually one of the things I didn’t like when I first got here, but it really makes for a different kind of city.  Rather than having a downtown hub that is dirty, crowded, and the only place to go for good restaurants, shops, and bars, Nashville has little pockets of wonderful-ness spread throughout the city.  Each one has its own character and personality and becomes the hangout for the neighborhood locals rather than the tourists, who DO head downtown for the honky tonk.  Don’t get me wrong, the honky tonk scene is fun every now and then but there are only so many nights that can be spent at Coyote Ugly, Wild Horse Saloon, and Paradise Park (a trailer park themed bar complete with an astro-turf floor).  Like many who live here in Nashvegas, I think of these places as the ones where you bring your out-of-town friends.  On a regular basis, though, I prefer to explore the multitude of neighborhood haunts.
            One of these little treasures is Edgehill Village.  Nestled between my neighborhood and the projects, Edgehill Village is a small strip of shops, restaurants, and art galleries each with its own personality and interesting curb appeal.  Though my girlfriends and I were there in the evening and couldn’t really get the full effect, I imagine that it is even more inviting in the daylight.  Our destination that night was a Mexican restaurant called Taco Mamacita where we would celebrate a friend’s birthday and engagement.  

            Originally based out of Knoxville, Taco Mamacita has a funky, eclectic vibe and is famous for over a dozen different kinds of tacos.  My favorite part of the restaurant was the décor which included a variety of different colored front doors that hung from the ceiling…well that and the Sangria of course!  I tried the California taco and Mexican street corn.  Both were delicious, but a little spicy for my taste.  As for right now, its’ about time to start making a bazillion anatomy flashcards for my exam this week so I’m off to Fido (the local coffee shop in MY neighborhood) for a chocolate croissant and a cup of coffee the size of my head!

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