Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

            The final day of my last summer vacation ever is here and I am being careful to remind myself to soak up every second.  And there is no better place to do that then on the Eastern shore of Maryland at Fox Point.  When I am here, my cell phone only gets limited service, internet access is non-existent, and I can virtually escape from the stress and demand of every day life.  Though I can only stand this peace and quiet for a few days before I start to wander around looking for signs of civilization, I cherish the times when I can get away for a few days of lounging poolside, reading for pleasure, and floating in a giant purple inner tube on the creek (which is where you will usually find me...I'm thinking of rigging up a rope tied to the dock so that if I happen to doze off mid-float I won't end up under the neighbor's dock or dangerously close to the snake territory along the shoreline).

            Last weekend I had the opportunity to show off my favorite place in the world and much like the times when I have introduced out of town friends to the City of Brotherly Love, I have found myself appreciating this place even more after seeing it through new eyes.

We take sunscreen very seriously in this family

Annnd there was a greased watermelon...

Which later became a delicious watermelon salad!

            So as vacation time comes to a close and the days where UVA rays will be replaced with fluorescent ones are quickly approaching I am both nervous to be heading out into the grown-up world and thrilled to finally begin this new life in D.C. that has been impending for so long now.  I'm not really sure what the future holds or how I will settle into life in the district but I do know that there are good things to come.  A creature of habit I may be, but when it is forced upon me, I find myself refreshed by change and excited by the unknown.

            And just because I can and because I miss this little face ohsomuch...a Cooper pic for your viewing pleasure.  Can't wait until he makes his debut in the district and joins me in Georgetown in just 3 weeks!

Stay tuned to find out how I spent my first day here in D.C.!


  1. Love these posts, but am wondering....where is the pic of the boys in their new tank tops??

  2. i too was really looking forward to a sweet picture of two studly men wearing matching tank tops, and am very disappointed to see that it didn't make the cut. i'm too angry to even read the post about the week.

    p.s. i am currently wearing the tank top in question.

  3. I couldn't share that little gem with just anyone...but not to's in a frame by my bed...Katie has one too.