Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day One

            Today marked day one of this new D.C. adventure and though my first twenty-four hours were not filled with anything extravagant, I got a little taste of what life is going to be like in this city and I have to far so good!

I had to do it

            Last night I had a little dinner date with my best girlfriend (who you will likely be seeing lots of on the blog in days to come) and rendezvous-ed with some long lost Louisiana friends (including one future roommate!) who I hadn't hugged in far too long.  This afternoon was spent catching up with new and old friends and exploring Eastern Market.  Reminded me of the Nashville Flea Market and the amazing indoor market near Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran (what was the name of that place, Han?).  Though the weather was soupy and about a bazillion degrees the afternoon was pretty perfect and it was a great way to spend my last day of freedom before heading off to day one of work.

Hi Lize!

            Looking forward to a week of fun and lots of face time with my sissy slash roommate for the week and counting the days til the official move-in day this weekend.  Anyone have any suggestions for how to park a POD filled with all of your earthly possessions on a very steep, cobble stone street with out it toppling down the hill onto M Street?  I'm a little afraid for how this one is gonna turn out :-/.

P.S.  I thought about posting a horrifically embarrassing first day of work self-photo tomorrow (much like this little first day at the hospital gem) because I really love my day one outfit but I guess I'll spare you...


  1. I'm so excited for you!! Hi Liza! The two of you need to come up to NYC sometime soon and I promise I'll come down there too :) Can't wait to read about more adventures!

  2. Yes you need to come see us soon! Miss you girlfriend!

  3. Can't wait to follow your adventures around DC! The market in SF is the Ferry Building :) LOVE YA! (and your purple outfit in the photo, reminds me of you as a kid and makes me laugh. The Balls love their purple.)

  4. I miss you already! Can't wait to hear more stories and wish you had posted that picture of your first day outfit. I'll plan a trip soon! :)