Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Schmerricane

            With all of the talk about Hurricane Irene making her epic debut here in D.C., I figured it was time for the obligatory Irene post.  And I hate to disappoint but Irene was kind of all talk.  Sure there are some trees down and the streets are a mess with leaves and branches and the random lawn chair here and there but other than that the storm was a little bit of a flop.

The calm before the storm...

The aftermath

            We prepped for the storm with a trip to Dixie Liquor (I'm afraid we are becoming quite the regulars :-) where Cooper met some new friends and made himself quite at home.

            Then, as the seemingly endless rain poured outside, the girls (and pup) of 35th parked ourselves in a cuddle puddle in the living room watching one too many episodes of the Kardashians until we finally rallied and headed out into the storm to toast Irene at the hurricane party at Mason Inn.  Though my Hunters are not my party shoe of choice there was something kind of fun about everyone being cooped up in the bar in their hurricane best while the storm raged on outside.

Forgive the jammies and lack of makeup

Love these girls

Hope you had a fun weekend and stayed safe and dry!

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