Wednesday, June 9, 2010


            When I was at Wake, my friends and I cherished a little time known as orientation or syllabus week.  This was the first week of the semester where classes consisted of little more than a quick once over of the attendance list and a brief run through of the syllabus.  The rest of the week was filled with Chi O sisterhood and more frat parties than we could pencil into our newly purchased day planners.  How quickly times have changed.  
Flashback to orientation week of years past...

            You would think by my third semester of grad school I would be used to the overwhelming feeling that results from reading over the syllabus, discovering that you have 138974 assignments due in the next five minutes, and then jumping right into a three hour lecture.  But no.  I still left each of my classes today with the distinct feeling that my head was about to explode.  But I have decided to take a new approach this time.  Instead of sitting here worrying, I am going to get to work.  Estimates on how long this new motivation is going to last?  I give it a week. 

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