Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Again!

           This weekend marks the end of an era. So much so that in order to appropriately celebrate this momentous occasion I have ventured back up north for the weekend. Yes, I was just here. Yes, I just road-tripped 14+ hours back to Nashville. And yes, I was just whining about how much work I have to get done. Needless to say, this is not the best time for me to get out of town. But this weekend is the very last time that all six members of the Ball Family will be at 837 Maplewood together…ever. Tear. We moved into this house a few months before I was born and have been here ever since. With four kids, three dogs, 11 hamsters, and three full house renovations…this place has seen a lot of life and is filled with a heck of a lot of memories. As my brother Scott says, we are in the walls of this place. No but really…I think we may have lost a few hamsters in the walls back in the day when Katie and I had hamsters that mated. Which is a whole other story. But seriously. I love this house so much and am going to be really sad come Monday morning when I have to leave it for the very last time. I plan on taking my doorknob with me (like Mattie did in Father of the Bride II) and hitting the white picket fence on way out just for good measure. Lord knows how many times people have done that!

Note the broken fence post...
            But in reality, a house is just that. A house. And this one is special because of the people inside it rather than the walls around it. And lucky for me, I have five people that go with me wherever I go, whether in reality or spirit, so I think I’ll be just fine.

            In the meantime my family and I, along with a bunch of good friends, will be celebrating the fabulous 24 years spent in this house with one last big bash on Saturday night. I think a game of run the bases and a fire pit are in order…just for old time’s sake :-) Pictures to come!

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