Friday, August 17, 2012


            It was back to reality on Tuesday morning after a near perfect week-long vacation and though my 3.5 day week went by pretty quickly, I still lusting after the pictures of all that sunshine and Fox Point goodness I was able to take advantage over those (almost) 10 days.  I think Cooper is in withdrawal too...far fewer sticks to chew and a lot less wildlife to chase.  Unless, of course, you count the famous Glover Park rats in which case we've got those in spades.
            And because I am always the first to want to relive a vacation, I've got a few more pictures to share...I promise this is the last of them...I think...

You know that wildlife I was talking about?  Yeah...well...Cooper decided to get a little too close to it.  Which earned him an especially nasty stench followed by a trip to the outdoor shower.  As you can see, Cooper does not like showers.  Poor guy.

Hanging with the mamas

Would not be summertime at Fox Point without this girl

           And though I am a little sad that my official summer vacation is over, I'm not throwing in the (beach)towel just yet.  Stay tuned for some more from the summer bucket list, a visit down south, and Dewey Beach weekend part II!

Oh and P.S.!  Happy Birthday today to my sweet Mama.  Best a girl could ask for.

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