Saturday, August 18, 2012

Water Baby

            Having grown up spending my summers on the Eastern Shore, there is nothing I love more than being out on the water on a hot July day.  Put me on a boat in the sunshine and I'm a happy girl.  And being a city dweller these days I have missed all that (with the exception of my vacay time last week).  Which is why I was SO excited for a paddle boarding adventure at Jack's Boathouse last weekend.  I had always wanted to check out the boathouse that is tucked away under the Key Bridge and when I found out that they had stand up paddle was happening.  It was such a fun way to spend an afternoon and though I was not always the most graceful paddler on the Potomac, I loved every second of it...even the second when my board got stuck on a sand bar and I had to do a very unattractive, bikini-clad wiggle maneuver to unstick myself while a boat full of drunk men laughed at me.  Awkward.  But all embarrassment aside, I would highly recommend an afternoon at Jack's to anyone looking for an escape from a very sweaty, tourist-filled summer in D.C.

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