Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello, from Rock Hall!

Disclaimer: I actually wrote this post yesterday afternoon (so I'm not drinking Blue Moon at 10:15am...though it doesn't sound all that bad right now) and am just now publishing it by way of stolen wifi at the Java Rock Cafe since Fox Point is internet free!

              I'm currently blogging poolside and listening to James Taylor while sipping a Blue Moon.  Must mean it's summer vacation week at the edge of heaven (a.k.a. Fox Point).  We've had the most perfect weather so far and I am soaking up every second of boat time I can get.  Here's to many more days of creek floating, hammock happy houring, and cheek freckling to come.  And for a little glimpse at what my weekend looked like...

Morning run with my bud

Early morning sunshine out on the point

Be back soon with more from FP and some D.C. bucket list adventures!

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