Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Special Day

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Cooper!

            Today, my furry child turned one year old and to celebrate we spent a long afternoon at the dog park, ate lots of treats (well I didn't, but the Cooper man did), and spent some snuggle time at Katie's for the weekly sister/pup dinner.  It's hard to believe its been a year since this little love puppy was born and even harder to believe that he once weighed only 10 pounds!

Day One 

            And though my morning wake-up call comes a little earlier and my socks have a few more holes in them, I wouldn't take back my decision to adopt Cooper for one second.  I know, I know he is a dog and I spoil him and treat him like he is a human, but over the past year he has been my walking buddy, my roadtrip partner (much to his dismay), my bad day brightener, and my little unconditional love and I wouldn't trade that for anything.


  1. Happy Birthday, Coop!
    Grammy and Granddad

    (scary isn't it????)

  2. Love you cricket legs!!!!

  3. he is a really good looking dog.