Sunday, November 27, 2011

Feeling Thankful

            The turkey has been eaten (along with the majority of the leftovers), some unnecessary dollas have been spent at the Black Friday sales, and the Cooperman and I have made the trip back to the district after a very happy Thanksgiving.  Though I certainly missed the hustle and bustle of the busy Fox Point kitchen, it was nice to just keep it simple this year and spend a cozy day at home.

Since I'm a little bit crafty and like things like stickers and scrapbooks, I was put in charge of placecards.  I think they're a whole lot cuter when the 7 year old cousin is given this responsibility.

Some serious turkey prep

The end result...

Was delicious, albeit ready 2 hours ahead of schedule...oops!

             I loved getting to spend time with my grandmother and cousins and hugging my brothers after being away from them for months.  Other highlights of the mini-vacation included a trip to the doctor that ended with a z-pack, inhaler, and some delicious combination of cough syrup and codeine for my little cough (aka bronchitis).  And a night out with my favorites from high school that ended in a broken heel, a killer hangover, and a best friend, puppy, and myself all passed out snuggled up in my little twin bed.  All in all I'd say it was a pretty great weekend and this girl certainly has lots to be thankful for!  Hope you had a happy one too.


  1. We loved every minute...and thanks for not mentioning your mother's little word of, shall we say...surprise (!?) when the turkey was ready a little earlier than expected!

  2. 1. Cooper's legs are soooooo long
    2. Such a cute pic of your mom and Grandma!

  3. Do I spy a famous rum cake?!