Sunday, March 20, 2011

Should Be a National Holiday

            The fourth anniversary of Paradise Park that is.  I've mentioned the famed trailer park bar on the blog before but for those of you who are first time readers, Paradise Park is one of the trashier venues in Nashville but maybe one of the most fun at the same time.  They serve pitchers of Natty Light - so college - and the floor is covered in stanky, beer-soaked astro turf.  But on this monumental anniversary, the bar really out-did itself.  The Jager-ettes made an appearance (let your imagination run wild - picture Coyote Ugly complete with leather chaps) and lucky patrons participated in the Spam Carving and Beer Bottle Stacking competitions.

            Other favorites of the night included the 85-year-old clogger who appeared on stage mid-song, the random TV complete with under the sea screen saver spotted in the corner of the bar, and the multiple gentlemen who thought it was appropriate to remove their shirts periodically throughout the night (I'll spare you the pictures of that).  Things got weird.

            It was a much-needed late night for this grandma...and was so worth it.  Hope you're weekend has had so much fun packed in that you need a weekend to recover from the weekend too!

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