Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sticking Out the Gray

            The past few days have been a little rough.  A lot of school work, not a ton of fun, and the stress that comes with trying to get everything done before heading out of town.  And as a result, the blog has suffered.  I don’t mean to leave y’all out in the cold but sometimes when everyday life is taking a lot out of you you’re not left with a lot of energy to write about it.  So I hope you’ll forgive me!

            I was reading another blog the other day and the author talks about how life is filled with color.  All of that fabulousness and the moments that you want to just sit and soak up like a big soapy sponge.   Getting a promotion, reuniting with old friends, a really great first kiss.  But she also talks about the gray.  The long thankless day at school or work, the fight with a friend, the end of a relationship, or just the general funk that comes with a bad day.  And though these grey moments really suck and sometimes hurt like hell, we’ve gotta live them so that the color is all the more vibrant.  The joy is that much better.  I think she’s onto something…

            So as I sit here at my desk, on a Saturday night, working on not one but two papers, living the gray, I can only anticipate the color that is to come.  And I plan on grabbing it with both hands and not letting go.


  1. Love this..a splash of color is coming your way soon. I'm sure of it. xo

  2. How about orange, yellow and green bedspreads on your cozy bed in PA!!?