Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in Action

Okay, the impromptu blog-cation is over.  I’m sorry for being MIA.  Hope all you stalkers haven’t given up on me and that you all had fabulous 4th of July celebrations!  I spent my weekend in, you guessed it, DC.  What can I say?  I love the place.  And there is nowhere more patriotic to celebrate our nation’s birth than the capitol, right?  The weekend was wonderful and seeing my best girlfriends was good for my soul, though it did feel a little strange not being at Fox Point with the rest of the fam.

Things have been a little busy around these parts but honestly I haven’t really had anything all that fun to blog about.  Classes are bearable and the only reason I am not completely bitter about spending my days locked inside the frigid, window-less Bill Will is because Nashville is crazy hot right now.  And by hot I don’t mean that Nashville is the “place to be.”  Oh no.  It is a hot, sweaty mess.  In June we had the hottest day that the city has seen in three years and each morning the temperatures are hovering around a balmy 95 degrees by the time I am walking to school at 8am.  So unless you are completely submerged 100% of the time, being by the pool isn’t even all that appealing. 

As for clinic, I am really enjoying my placement at Pi Beta Phi Rehab Institute and finding it very refreshing to work with patients who don’t suck their thumbs and throw temper tantrums when your articulation exercises aren’t fun enough.  In fact, I am finding this placement almost downright easy.  My supervisor has a very light schedule which makes for a pretty easy semester for me.  Knock on wood! 

In other news, my classmates and I have put in our requests for our externships next summer so stay tuned to find out whether I will be in Atlanta, Philly, or DC!  

Each of my potential placements will be at pediatric rehabilitation hospitals where I will hopefully be getting my foot in the door for future job opportunities.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…still have to get the externship placement not to mention finish the next 2.5 semesters.  Yikes!  Where do you think I should go?

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  1. Why isn't NYC an option? Please?