Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not So Brave After All

            When I began my stint in the Children’s Hospital last semester, I bragged to y’all about how tough I was when it came to all things gross and gory.  Well apparently it’s a whole other story when it comes to full grown humans because I came very close to losing my lunch and passing out cold upon sight of my first patient in the adult hospital.  This particular patient was in the trauma unit, which is the first stop after the helicopter, and everyone in this section of the hospital is in pretty bad shape.  

            Add to that a very messy trach tube, a trash bag-like gown (talk about hot), and a not so strong stomach and you have me, sweating profusely and reeling from dizziness.  Way to play it cool on your first day, Julie.  But after a short break in the hallway, some deep breaths, and a serious internal pep talk I was good to go.  Day two starts in about an hour so here’s hoping I can hold it together a little better this time!

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