Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still Kicking

            Hey sweet stalkers.  Bet you thought this little blog had gone belly up over the holidays from an overdose on eggnog or something...and you would almost be right.  But to be honest, I just haven't really been in the blogging mood lately and as you know, never want anything that I write on here to be forced or artificial so I wanted to wait until I was really in the mood.  And now that the blog bug has bitten me once again I can assure you that I won't pull another disappearing act anytime in the near future.
            And since I've been off the grid for over a month now (gasp) I have lots to share beginning with some pictures from the holidays in DC and our family vacation out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming over Christmas.

White Christmas at the Kennedy Center...cause your girl loves herself a musical

A very happy door to come home to

And then we headed west...

            So I was a little nervous after nearly every person I talked to about JH told me how intimidating the mountain is but as it turns out, even after three years sans skis, I can still hang...and when I can't I can at least manage a semi-graceful face plant/mogul-cling.

A little apres ski at the Mangy Moose

Hey Dad!


            It was such a fun trip and despite the waybelowfreezing temperatures, I cannot wait to go back. But now that I've thawed and made my way back to the district, my friends and I are doing our best to beat the winter blues by planning lots of fun for the next few weeks.  Since my instinct is really just to do this until May...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that your 2013 is off to a stellar start.  And to those of you who continued to stop by despite the radio silence on my end...I'm sending you a big fat virtual kiss on the mouth.  I love ya.

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