Saturday, January 19, 2013


             Just stopping by to say a quick hi this afternoon and then I'm headed out to soak up some rare January sunshine which showed up today along with temperatures in the 50's.  I'm usually not this month's biggest fan but hey, if this is what January is gonna look like then I guess it can stick around for a little while.  Not too much new happening around these parts except for a quick trip down to North Carolina for work this week.  I have to say, as much as I adore living in D.C. there is just something about North Carolina.  Maybe it's nostalgia for my glory days at WFU or the fact that a sweet old man called me darlin and held the door for me when I arrived at my hotel.  But either way, I loved having an excuse to head a little further south for a few days.

And now since I'm antsy to get out of my house and I have a whiney pup at my side, I'll leave you with a quick iphone dump but promise to be back with more soon!

New sneaks for me...

and for the Coop...
(can't wait for the commentary on these babies from my brothers who are convinced that my goal in life is to emasculate my poor dog)

A sister date at Red Rocks...

And a couple of days in here...

And a rainy/snowy afternoon in Raleigh which put me right here...

And now I'm off to enjoy a four day weekend thanks to Dr. MLK, Mr. Obama, and jury duty.  
Hope you're having a happy one!       


  1. How is that book? I saw it on Eat, Live, Run and she really liked it. LOVE YOU xoxo

    1. Wait that's a lie...that's not where I saw it, but I know I did somewhere!