Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Pictures

            It has been a busy few weeks around here which partially explains my measly presence on the blog...my bad!  But to make up for it I have a little iphone photo dump for you.  Complete with puppies and sunsets and Christmas trees just in case you're in need of some cheering up on this chilly Tuesday night.  Because let's face it...there are not many blues that that triple threat can't chase away.  Am I right?  Thought so.

weekend getaway 

a chilly but gorgeous wedding in Georgia

catching up with some favorite friends to celebrate Leslie and Atticus

oh hey little Sadie

early morning at the park with my main man

a new girlfriend for Cooper

fox point for Thanksgiving

a little bay bridge sunrise heading back to reality

mini high school reunion...missed these clowns

And as much as I wave my holiday freak flag for the months of September, October, and November for all of their Fall goodness, you better believe that I can get down with Christmas too.

Merry merry sweet friends!

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