Monday, June 6, 2011

Morning, Sunshine!

            There's a new game in this house.  A new game that is quickly driving this girl completely bonkers (and is probably not all that blog-worthy but just go with's Monday).  The game consists of the Cooper man rolling his coveted tennis ball under the coffee table, then proceeding to stare at me with ginormous, droopy, chocolate brown puppy eyes, with a little whine thrown in for good measure, until I put down my computer, get off the couch, and retrieve said tennis ball.  Repeat about a bajillion times over and there you have it.  I'm officially insane.  Now, I understand that I am sitting in my bathrobe, coffee in hand, catching up on my blog stalking and celebrity gossip on a Monday morning so I really can't complain but really?  Must we play this game at 7:45 in the am?  I know I'm whining, I hate me too.

            In other news, last night I returned home from a fabulous weekend in Beantown.  The weather was perfect and the company even better and I may have been open to the idea that it really is not the coldest place on the planet.  Maybe.  Pictures of lobsters and best friends and cupcakes coming your way soon!

Happy Monday!

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  1. That dog needs his nails clipped!