Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not In Kansas Anymore

            I always knew that I loved the South.  From the early days of family vacations on the shores of the Carolina beaches to afternoons of fratastic Southern tailgating at Wake, there is a certain something special about the South that I crave when I am surrounded by yankees.  People in the South are just nice.  Okay, I know this is not always true but there is a friendlier spirit about those people living below the Mason-Dixon line.  I don't always feel the difference in my everyday life but it was all too apparent this afternoon when the Cooper man and I made our first trip to the dog park after taking the big road trip north.  We arrived at this so-called "dog friendly park" only to discover that in this town, dog park simply means big grassy field...complete with two angry Golden Retrievers and their less than pleasant owner.  Needless to say, after a little altercation and some increased blood pressure on the part of this girl who hates conflict, we headed home...and probably won't be going back.  Ever.

But could you not love this little face?

But the North, and the City of Brotherly Love in particular, definitely still has its perks...

Like a Thursday night Phillies game with friends.  

And a little brother I have been waiting months to hug!

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