Tuesday, February 8, 2011


            As many of you know, I recently had a new addition to my life.  Yep, a little man has stolen my heart.  And though I typically prefer my men with a little less hair, this one is a keeper.  Since he is new to my world, and the world in general, we have shared a lot of firsts over the past few weeks that I thought you might like to see!  And you can go ahead and forgive me ahead of time for going all proud mama on you cause I'm smitten and not afraid to say it.

First bath...not so sure about this one huh, Coop?

First trip to the dog park where he was so brave until...

this horse-dog showed up and scared the crap out of him...(ps. check out that woman's hair...yikes!)

Puppy's first snow day!

Cooper's first rager where he spent most of the party doing this...

Not really used to the nightlife yet.

Stay tuned for pictures from the man's first day at puppy school!

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