Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little Update

            I drank coffee at 3pm this afternoon...if that gives you any idea of what kind of a week it has been already.  And it's only Tuesday...yikes.  But I guess that's what you get when you pack all of the fun that you can into two consecutive weekends and then head back to work on Monday having gotten very little rest.  Recently, I've been really trying to make an effort to take advantage of my new city (how long can I actually say that?  I'm thinking at six months it's still allowed, right?) and when I got a text from a friend saying that instead of wallowing in his hangover on a Saturday afternoon he wanted to do something "culturally enriching" I jumped at the chance to put my Newseum groupons to good use.  I've been to the Newseum a few times and I have to say that it is one of my favorite touristy places in this city.  I highly recommend it if you're coming to town.  Our afternoon at the Newseum was followed up by margs and made-in-front-of-you guacamole at Oyamel in Chinatown.  If you're a sucker for fancy Mexican, you must go.  Like, yesterday.

            What else has been going on around here?  

            A very delayed housewarming party on a snowy Friday night.  Afternoon coffee dates at my favorite cozy spot with my favorite best friend...finally getting the payoff of living in the same city!  Cooper chewing his brand new skull and cross bones sweater to shreds (the price I pay for embarrassing the heck out of him and making him wear it during said housewarming party).  The instating of a standing weekly happy hour with both new and old friends.  A new roommate moving into the house on 35th Street.  Booking flights and planning much needed vacations.  Late night texts from a grown-up little brother that make me smile and remind me how thankful I am for the people who share my DNA.  State of the Union watch parties...when in Rome?  And sunshine.  Ohhh, that sunshine and this afternoon's temps in the 60's were just the thing to warm this summer-loving girl's soul.

Hope you're having a sunshine-filled week!

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